Just like you need ‘a change’ in your life occasionally to make your life more interesting and meaningful, your house needs an occasional transformation as well, to make it more attractive and to increase its value. Here are 10 home remodeling ideas that will easily fit into your budget and help sell your home faster (if you are planning to sell your home, of course)!

1. Start with deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is one the most inexpensive ways of remodeling your home and increasing its sales value. Pick a day and wear your ragged overalls for a deep cleaning session. This process involves scrubbing each and every corner of the house, vacuuming carpets, wiping all surfaces including table tops, windows, screens, and mirrors. In fact, it is critical to clean windows since cleaner windows allow more light to come in, hence offering a better view of the outside.

Deep Cleaning

If you aren’t an expert at deep cleaning or feel that the task is too burdensome for you, hire a professional deep cleaning service. A one-time job may not be too expensive and will really add to the value of your home.

2. Ensure that your kitchen is fully functional

When trying to sell a home, it is important to remember that most potential buyers view the kitchen as the heart and soul of the home. They are likely to see this room first when considering a purchase. So if there are any minor or major problems in your kitchen area, make sure that you address them before inviting potential buyers in for viewing. Even a thorough clean up will help enhance the appearance of an old kitchen. For a few hundred dollars you can do minor upgrades such as replacing the kitchen faucet system and dated lighting fixtures, adding modern cabinet doors and a few attractive accessories.

3. Repaint Your home

Another great way to transform your home is to repaint on the exterior (and the interior if needed). But remember to avoid using dark colors and anything too unconventional.

We suggest using different shades of white for the interior, particularly reflective whites since they help to lighten up spaces, making them look bigger. It’s best to stay away from a lot of colors as the personal tastes and preferences of potential buyers differ. White is a neutral shade and safe to use both on the exterior and in the interior of the home.

4. Addition of crown molding

Crown molding can instantly add a touch of sophistication to your home and enhance its value. For just about $120, you can get crown molding in light-weight polystyrene foam covered with hard plaster. This can be easily cut with the help of a handsaw and you can hang it up using a joint compound.

Crown Molding

5. Quick bath makeover

The simplest and most pocket-friendly tricks like the addition of a new pedestal sink or toilet seat could make a huge difference to the appearance of your bathroom. We also recommend replacing old, damaged or discolored bathroom floors with quick-to-install vinyl tiles for an improved appearance.

6. Don’t avoid the garage

If your home has a garage, patio or attic, don’t let it be a room for storing “stuff”. Clean up the space by putting away any tools, sewing machine, books, and woodcraft. Repaint the room and remove all storage boxes. Potential buyers like to envision what they can do with the garage and it helps if they can see a clean and empty space.

Organized Garage

7. Improve the lighting

If your home has ancient light fixtures in the living room and dining room, you might like to consider upgrading to modern lighting or even a beautiful chandelier. You can find multiple home stores offering a range of nice-looking, inexpensive ceiling fixtures, especially during the holiday sale season!

8. Budget-friendly Landscaping

Beautify the entry of your home by purchasing local plants (preferably the drought-resistant variety). The first impression a potential buyer receives is the outside of your home. Make sure the weeds are picked and the grass is cut. Adding some color with flowers and plants to make your home more inviting is a cost effective way to make your home more attractive.


Don’t forget the backyard! Once inside your home and looking out into the backyard, there is nothing worse than seeing an unkempt yard. Hiring a gardener to help out will not cost too much and can make a huge difference on the way your home is viewed.

9. Reframing the entrance

Your main entrance should be in pristine condition if you’re putting up your house for sale. Install a new handle-lock system because a solid hardware piece on the entry door, which indicates that the home is high on safety. In addition to this, you could also consider faux-finishing or painting your entry door for greater appeal.

10. Upgraded Fans and Light Fixtures

Make sure you replace that rusty fan or old light fixtures in the bedrooms with a new more modern addition to brighten up and add a little style to all of the rooms in your home.

Ceiling Fan

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